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Our Promise

Mereway means commitment to quality, service and style

We created a series of scenarios for each collection to illustrate the ‘Life Live The Mereway’ philosophy that underpins our brand.

A coffee is just a coffee, right?


An instant coffee is just that, instantly made and instantly forgotten, but a coffee that has had time, passion and effort lavished on it is a coffee to be savoured, enjoyed and never forgotten.

This philosophy is the one behind the Mereway Kitchens Cucina Colore brand.

There are kitchens and then there are Mereway kitchens. An ethos captured in the strapline ‘Live Life The Mereway’.

Living Life The Mereway means exercising taste and judgment, but more than that, it means taking the time to make choices that enhance your life. Just as a coffee lover would never choose an instant coffee because it was cheaper, quicker to make or more conveniently available, so a typical Mereway Kitchens customer would take the time to select a kitchen on the basis of quality of craftsmanship, inspirational design and exceptional customer experience.

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